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JUNK raft | Sailing to raise awareness about plastic marine debris.

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Plastic Sushi, Anyone?

​Learn about the JUNK raft Advenure and how to Take Action​

Floating an airplane across the Pacific Ocean required 15,000 empty 2-liter plastic bottles. With no motor or support vessel, we drifted 88 days riding the currents to Hawaii.

S​ince returning to land we've sailed other ships around the world studying plastic pollution. We helped to ban plastic bags in California and plastic microbeads across the U.S. We continue to engage corporations, policymakers and the public to rein in our misuse of plastic. We need you to GET INVOLVED.


Hop aboard with the 13 week Sea Log.

Week 1

Amidst tremendous energy from a cheering throng, JUNK set sail Sunday for Hawaii...
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Week 2
The Sea's Sense of Humor

The winds are beginning to subside, and should clear enough mid week for Junk to forge ahead. Granted, the sea has a mind of its own - with all due respect...
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Week 3
JUNK Heading South

They are making Southwesterly progress -- AND no one has lost their lunch yet...
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Week 4
Today's Menu: Rudderfish

We’re beginning to feel wind coming from the north. We can sail 90 degrees off the wind and head west, just in time to hopefully scoot around Guadalupe Island...
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Week 5
Knot for Naught

“One month ago right now....” is how we've begun several conversations today...
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Week 6
2000 Miles and Counting

To pick up the pace and take full advantage of the winds, Joel created FRANKENSAIL...
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Week 7
Cyclone Sailing

JUNK is currently gliding west, stocked with fresh Mahi Mahi, deck covered with fish jerky drying in the briny breeze...
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Week 8

Craving a departure from the daily routine, Marcus and Joel have fun with the razor. Meet Guido and Van Buren...
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Week 9
Halfway There!

Watch Joel's facial hair morph as he discusses techniques for sailing JUNK...
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Week 10
Trash Ho!

JUNK in the GYRE: the toilet bowl that never flushes...
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Week 11
Savage Encounter!?

For a few weeks now, we’ve been trying to orchestrate a marine meeting with...
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Week 12
Plastic Sushi

We crossed 500 two days ago, 400 this afternoon, and we expect to arrive in Honolulu...
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Week 13
New Beginnings

Less than 100 miles to go per recent satellite phone conversation...
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